Welcome to BBISP / Bulldog Broadband Internet Service Provider

We are BBISP / Bulldog Broadband Internet Service Provider. An internet service provider based in Barberton, Nelspruit, Ermelo and Breyten in the province of Mpumalanga. We offer you high quality, reliable, wireless uncapped internet at an affordable price for both home and/or business. Our attractive packages are tailor made to suit your every want and need and will give you access to the world wide web to allow you to have the connection to the universe you desire. At BBISP we believe in good service, quality products and affordability and provide you with just that, making your wireless uncapped internet experience a must have thus making BBISP / Bulldog Broadband Internet Service Provider the leader in the internet service provider game.


Quswa Building, 4 De Villiers Street
Sonheuwel, Nelspruit, 1200


Telephone : 013 590 5001
Facsimile : 086 260 4688




Telephone : 013 590 5001
E-Mail : info@bbisp.co.za